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Automatically receive Placer feed data via Snowflake's platform in SQL table form
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Placer’s integration with Snowflake allows you to easily access location insights directly within Snowflake’s platform. 

By integrating Placer’s data feed with your Snowflake account*, the latest data configured in your feed will automatically flow into Snowflake’s platform at the frequency selected (daily, weekly, or monthly delivery), without any additional action required. 

With the Snowflake integration, you can now quickly access Placer’s location insights via the same platform used to host additional data, reducing the need to perform data transformations and simplifying the way you combine data sources or share data within your team.

Use the Snowflake integration to access:

  • Chain/Venue Multi-Metrics Feed- Get foot-traffic visitation data and trade area insights for chains and venues across the United States.

  • Migration Trends Feed - Receive data about net-migration changes, sources of migration, and migration destinations, aggregated by ZCTA, DMA, MSA, County or State.

*Customers are required to have an active Snowflake account and Placer feed subscription in order to integrate Placer’s data feeds into the Snowflake platform.